Friday, June 21, 2013

Regrets of a changed heart part II

This still isn't a Hypno-babies birth, so put that BOP up, Hypno-Mama's!  When our little girl was only 9 months, we knew it was time for our next little one.  We easily conceived and began the wonderful growing experience of our first son's pregnancy.

*BOP:* At 26 weeks, I woke up to heavy bleeding.  Our Dr. ruled out the cervix as the source of the bleeding and we were able to confirm on ultrasound (not always possible) that part of his placenta had pulled away from the uterus.  I was admitted to the hospital.  Ibuprofen stopped the contractions and after a few days' stay, we were released home on "modified" bedrest.  I was grateful to be allowed to be up and care for our then 16-month-old daughter, yet overwhelmed that most of my responsibilities as far as house work and cooking was delegated to my husband or others.

We began weekly appointments with the Dr.  Text book says that when part of the placenta has pulled away, the longest the Dr. should wait is 37-38 weeks for a baby to be born.  I was planning on an elective induction anyway (didn't entirely learn my lesson from the previous birth :)) so this just "sealed the deal."
about 34 weeks in this picture

Our son was doing great at 37 weeks, so we schedule an induction at 38 weeks.  I was 3 cm dilated and had made some great progress on effacement (I can't remember what it was) when I was admitted to the hospital for the induction.

Right before leaving home for the hospital

I was actually making hair bows during the beginning of my birthing time.  I was again planning on an epidural and didn't have back-labor this time around so I waited until 6 cm dilated.  My birth progressed quickly again and we soon had a handsome and mellow little guys in our arms.

He was a very sweet and easy-going baby.  NOW I understand how Mom's can have lots of little ones!  Babies/children aren't all the same!  Some are more calm and less particular than others!:)

I also healed his pregnancy and birth with Thetahealing.  It wasn't as changing of a session for him, yet nonetheless important to both of us.  I truly regret the choices that lead to his high-risk pregnancy and the limited choices during birthing time.

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