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Kundalini Yoga: Moonlight Yoga Class Outline #1

This is intended for those who attended the live class.  The Kriyas and Meditations must be performed exactly to obtain desired results and having seen them demonstrated can greatly increase accuracy.  I will begin uploading Kriyas and Meditations to my youtube channel shortly.  That will be the best place to start for those interested in learning more about Kundalini Yoga.

Addiction Support: Class 1 Details

Tune In Mantra
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
I bow to (or I call upon) the Divine that is also within me.

Protection Mantra
Aad Guray Nameh
Jugad Guray Nameh
Sat Guray Nameh
Siri Guru Devay Nameh

I bow to (call upon) the primal(first) wisdom.
I bow to the wisdom that is truth though the ages.
I bow to the true wisdom.
I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

Tune Out
May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.

Sat Nam
I am truth. Truth is my identity.

  2. Explain 5 healing modalities of medical meditation   
    1. Breath: only body system both conscious and subconscious
    2. Posture: Allow Kundalini energy to flow, as well as blood to circulate
    3. Mantra: Powerful vibrations, esp. stimulate glands of the endocrine system, also strikes palate 
    4. Mundra: hands "lighting up" different areas in the brain
    5. Mental Focus hormones and neurotransmitters released when relaxed. Leads to ideal condition for healing
  3. Step 1: Honesty  Conflict within us because of the fall:   Moses 6:22 “…genealogy of the sons of Adam …”We are spirit children of God, with potential to be “partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4).  However, “we are unworthy before [God]; because of the fall of our natures have become evil continually” (Ether 3:2).  Moses 6:48 & 49 “have BECOME”  “Just as we do not really desire food until we are hungry, we will not fully desire eternal salvation until we recognize our need for the Savior.  This recognition comes as we grow in our understanding of the Fall.” (Pres. Benson)
  4. 1st Chakra: Chakras are vortexes of NRG that move up the spine.  Vortexes by polarity.  Polarity for 1st Chakra is: individuality vs. companionship. When vortex swirled by polarity, prana (or energy) increases in strength and become K (Kundalini). NRG: healing NRG.  It’s important that the NRG rises or can have too much, esp. in the bottom 3 chakras (caught up in survival, power, financial security, materialistic…separated from higher self.  Can’t find happiness) Chakras have physical (1st Chakra in parenthesis: elimination), psychological (eliminating negative thinking), and spiritual (eliminating illusion of isolation) characteristics.  Chakras make mind/body/spirit union possible and also potentially disruptive to each characteristic.  No illness (nor balance) exists on only one level.  Top 4: compassion, intuition, intellect, spirituality.  Emotional obstacles to each (attachment for 1st).  Most human chakra/farthest from spiritual self.  Element is the earth.  Tattawa is attachment.  Color is red.
  5. Anger release meditation (less than 3 min): 
    1. Sit in Easy Pose
    2. Mundra: Tuck thumbs into pinkie mounds w/ fists. Fists swing through arc-line
    3. Breath: “oh” breathing, pumping navel 
    4.  Eye closed 
    5.  Bring up all angry/emotional/commotional thoughts or situations 
    6. To End: Interlace fingers w palms face up and inhale, hold breath 10 seconds while visualizing being surrounding by white/healing light, exhale, repeat 2 more times
  6. Calm Heart meditation 3 min:   
    1. Sit in Easy Pose
    2. Mundra: Lt hand over heart chakra, Rt hand in gyan mundra (press 1st finger and thumb)Place hand @ side, like taking pledge (a receptive posture)
    3.  Eyes closed   
    4. Breath: Inhale then hold breath as long as comfortable (w/o gasping), start w counting to 4 Exhale then hold breath as long as comfortable
  7. Ego Eradicator: 3 min
    1. Sit in easy pose
    2. Breath of fire
    3. Mundra: Thumbs out and other fingers curled in.  Arms raised to 60 degree angles
    4. To  Finish: applying molbandh or “root lock” to send K NRG up from bottom chakras)
  8. Cat/cow w “sat nam” breathing: 3 min
    1. Come to hands and knees position, careful to align wrists directly below shoulder.  Knees are comfortably apart.
    2. While inhaling and mentally vibrating "Sat,"(sounds like "suh-t") relax tailbone/point chin up.
    3. While exhaling and mentally vibrating "nam" (sounds like "nah-m") curl chin to chest into cat position.
    4. After warmed up, sit on heels and stretching forward to rest with arms out flat and hands above head in prayer position or rest in Child's pose.
  9. Frog pose (cleaning out old programming, consider generational too.  Inhalining into new self): 3 min     
    1.  Frog pose= squat on balls of feet w/ feet close together and arms in front of legs
    2. Inhale and stand up
    3. Exhale and squat down with 2 ABD pumps  (Can do "Sat nam" breathing again)
  10. Meditation for generating healing energy (Sat Kriya): (1 min, encourage to build to 3 min) 
    1. Sit in rock pose (kneeling and then sit down on heels)
    2. Focus: eyes closed.  Visualize a beam of light coming in at navel while chanting “Sat” (while applying “root lock”) then light coming out 3rd eye as you chant “Nam” (root lock relaxed) 
    3. Mundra:  Interlace fingers and point index fingers out.  Arms raised above head, straight up. 
    4. To End:  Inhale, hold breath for 10-15 seconds, apply root lock while holding.  Exhale completely.  Repeat 2 more times.  On last exhale, hold the air out while applying root lock.  Focus on moving NRG up the spine.
  1. Gong nap (5 Min)  
  2. Long time Sun and Tune Out with long "Sat" and short "nam" 

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