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Kundalini Yoga: Moonlight Yoga Class Outline #2

This is intended for those who attended the live class.  The Kriyas and Meditations must be performed exactly to obtain desired results and having seen them demonstrated can greatly increase accuracy.  I will begin uploading Kriyas and Meditations to my youtube channel shortly.  That will be the best place to start for those interested in learning more about Kundalini Yoga.

Addiction Support: Class 2 Details


  1. Welcome, TUNE IN, PROTECTION (less than 5 min)
  2. Explain:   In depth on mundras
  3. Step 2: Hope  Only in and through Jesus Christ:   Partnering with Jesus Christ to create a new life.  Becoming “new creatures through Jesus Christ.”
  4. Explain 2nd Chakra: (less than 5 min) Bottom 5 chakras associated with elements.  2nd chakra is water (reflects creative nature…able to change).  Tattwa is lust.  Orange (colors vibrating at higher frequencies the higher the chakra location).  Focus on elimination…Strong foundation; roots healthy= healthy branches (lower triangle; bottom 3 chakras).  Unlike 1st chakra, the 2nd chakra relies on others to help blossom.  Can be under or over active.  Spleen/Emotional (how I feel about myself) chakra.  Seat of subconscious; closely linked to 1st chakra.  All negative experiences from birth-early 20’s stored here, esp. 8-10.  When blocked, all negative emotions which are stored there create hurtful behaviors affecting our health through liver, spleen, digestive.  Create & recreate, give & receive: sexuality, money, creativity (the most revered aspect of being).  Creativity and passion combination.  Attitude Money (balanced= flows).  Blocked=Sexual perversions, shallow relationships, shame of body image or sexuality, gynecological problems, infertility, lower back pain, urinary problems.  Balanced= intimate relationships, genuine relationships, passion (can ignite compassion when 2nd and 4th chakras are open), creativity, willing to share, patience, positive attitude towards sexual functions.
  5. Warm ups: 5 Tibetans: 
    1. Stand w arms stretched.  Spink clockwise.  Repeat 21 times.  (start with less).  *Balances inner ear.  To end: stand with feet together and hands on hips with 3 deep inhales through nose and 3 exhales through mouth. Hold in place for a moment.
    2. Lie on back with legs extended, arms are by the side with palms flat or under lower back (for weakness).  Ankles touching feet flat.  Bring legs up to 90 degrees and keep straight, lift head to meet legs.  Inhale when bringing legs up and exhale as you bring the legs back down.  21 times.  *digestive system, strengthens lower back To end: stand with feet together and hands on hips with 3 deep inhales through nose and 3 exhales through mouth. Hold in place for a moment.
    3. Kneel with toes on the ground, legs 4 in apart.  Hands behind on bum.  Lean back w head and neck arching back from waist (inhale) and exhale back down to chest. 21 times. *digestive and reproductive systems  End as previously
    4. Sit up with hands exactly along hips w palms down.  Start with chin tucked down to chest.  Inhale into “crab position” w flat back, exhale down to cobra pose.  Do 21 times.  *nerves, respiratory, glands, heart, hormones, tones spine End as previously
    5. Cobra position.  (Begin on tummy w support on palms and balls of feet. Head and back are arched back)  Keeping arms and legs straight, slide between cobra pose and perfect triangle position.  Inhale up, exhale down into cobra.  Do 21 times.  End the same.
End in Child’s pose.  Sit back in easy pose with hands in gyan mundra.
  1. Kriya: 5 Kriyas for the 2nd chakra (exhaustion, low endurance, back pain): 
    1. Bridge pose with legs and hands parallel.  Apply root lock and hold 1-3 min. *helps metabolism To end: breathe in, out, then relax.  Lay on back. 
    2. Lay on tummy with hands in venus lock.  Lift legs and arms, keeping elbows as straight as possible.  Breath of fire for 1 min.  * digestion, strengthen the ABD’s To end: inhale and exhale.  Relax and lay on tummy.
    3. Stand with feet wide apart.  Hands in prayer position above the head.  Inhale up, exhale down to touch LT foot, inhale up, then down to RT while exhaling. 1-3 min.  *balances pelvis, coordination on opposite sides of the brain To end: inhale, exhale, rest in standing position.
    4. Legs opened wide in Kundalini Lotus with breath of fire.  (sit in butterfly pose, grab toes with thumb and first finger).  1-3 min.  To end: inhale, exhale, relax into easy pose.
    5. Cow pose.  Leg lifts.  Inhale leg out, exhale knee to chest.  *balances legs, digestion, good for kidneys.  To end: inhale, exhale, rest in chi’s pose.
Lie flat on back with legs spread and palms up to rest. After resting, begin wiggling feet and hands.  Bring knees to hips and sit back in easy pose.
  1. Meditation:  Prosperity mediation to create abundance (money, friends, opportunities, time)
Sit in easy pose
Mundra: Hands at 45 degree angle up by throat.  Strike hands together at pointer fingers with thumbs down and palms down, the strike with palms up at pinkies. 
Mantra: Har (sounds like “hud”).  Striking upper palate hard.  So hard, tongue bounces off.  Pull the navel point in.
Eyes: focused down on tip of the nose.  (open) not cross-eyed, but looking down the slope of the nose.
3-11 min.  To end: Inhale and bring hands into cupping shape.  Visualize all abundance flowing to and through you. 

  1. Gong nap 
  2. Long time Sun/Tune out 

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