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Kundalini Yoga: Moonlight Yoga Class Outline #3

This is intended for those who attended the live class.  The Kriyas and Meditations must be performed exactly to obtain desired results and having seen them demonstrated can greatly increase accuracy.  I will begin uploading Kriyas and Meditations to my youtube channel shortly.  That will be the best place to start for those interested in learning more about Kundalini Yoga.

Addiction Support: Class 3 Details

Guru Ram Das Mantra

Guru Guru Wahe Guru: Projects the mind to the source of knowledge and ecstasy.

Guru Ram Das Guru:  Wisdom that comes as a servant of the infinite. It is the mantra of humility. It reconnects the experience of the finite to infinity.

Kirtan Kriya

Sa Ta Na Ma


  1. Welcome, TUNE IN, PROTECTION (less than 5 min)
  2. Explain:   Nadis ( appear to affect the nature and quality of nerve transmission from the brain and spinal cord to the outlying peripheral nerves.  3 nadis: ida, pingala, and shushmana…connected to brain’s limbic system, which controls memory and emotion and coordinates the functions of the hypothalamus, helps control the pituitary)
  3. Explain 3rd Chakra: (less than 5 min) Solar Plexus. Middle of ABD, slightly below sternum.  Tattawa: Greed.  Organ of digestion (stomach, intestines), pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, and liver (some kidneys and adrenals). Ethereal “digestion” mirrors that of physical.  Element is fire.  (burn food and ethereal NRG and send to rest of the body).  Ego, ambition, fear, and fearlessness.  Overactive=hunger for power that is never satisfied.  Underactive=sense of weakness/underdeveloped sense of personal identity.  Top of bottom triangle of chakras (survival in material world), but also closely connected to upper chakras, esp. 4th and 6th chakras.  When functioning at its peak= “will of the spiritual warrior.”  Confident, fearless, integrity (regardless of conditions), connected to God (the world is nurturing), confident to take action, (weak=not know who/paralyzed by choices LEADS TO victim/co-dependent behaviors of attempted control, etc.) People who don’t feel in control of their lives attempt to control others.  Too much NRG trapped here also creates hunger of control.  Childhood experiences, esp. parent relationships can inhibit NRG from flowing from 2nd to 3rd chakras. Physically (3rd rich in nerve plexuses): stomach acid, reflux, ulcers, indigestion, food allergies/sensitive, irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption syndrome.   Also hepatitis, cirrhosis of liver, gallstone formation, fatty liver, pancreatitis, diabetes, swelling of spleen, cancers of liver/pancreas/stomach.  (KY increases blood flow).  Anger and liver.  Addictions
  4. Step 3: Trust in God---turn my will over to Him: (less than 5 min)  Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Genesis 18:14 “Is any thing too hard for the Lord?”  We also ended up talking about the Provo tabernacle burning down and the later announcement that the fire allowed for the gutting of the building to be prepared to be remodeled and announced as a temple.
  5. Warm ups: 
1. Addiction meditation (3 min):   
Mundra: Thumbs out and other fingers tight.  Thumbs in temples.  You know you are in the right spot if your thumbs moves when you bite down on your molars.   
Focus eyes closed and focused at brow point and closed.   
Mantra: Press and release back molars while mentally chant “Sa Ta Na Ma.”  3 min (up to 31 min)

2.  Cat cow (See class 1)  (3 min)   
End in Child’s pose to rest

  1. Kriya for releasing inner anger:  
1. Snore for 1 min flat on back
2.  Raise feet off floor 6 in and hold them there.  (2 min)  On cycle, do just one leg and alternate legs…not if pregnant.
3. Lay on back with feet up to 90 degrees. Pound hands.  Get angry.  Scream and yell and get angry.  Bring up all of the anger (3 min).
4.  Laying on back hug knees to chest.  Breathe through open mouth with tongue out and exhale through nose.  This is called stone lock.  Ppl who do this can make a stone head right (3 min).  
5.  Sit in Celebes pose: (Rock pose w legs spread.  Sit BETWEEN legs).  Cross arms and do about 30 bows per min.  (3 min)
6.  Stretch legs out and “slap” legs with open palms of hands.  Go really fast and leave not part untouched.  Be gentle with face.  (3 min)
7.  Come standing to L-shape and allow arms/hands to dangle down in straight line.  Arms relaxed, but back stays straight.   (3 min)  Sing “Guru Ram Das" mantra
8.  Come into cobra position.  Keep singing.  Circle neck and keep singing. (3 min)
9.  Stop circling neck and begin kicking legs.  Alternating.  Quickly.  (30 secs).  Done singing.
10.  Come into easy pose. And do Sat Kriya.  (not rock pose for this Kriya).  Interlocking fingers w first finger pointed up.  Lt. thumb over Rt.  Chant “Sat Nam” and apply root lock on “sat” and relax on “nam.”    End by inhaling with arms in position, hold the breath while applying root lock.  Exhale down.  (1 min)
11.  Come lay on back with palms open and upward for relaxation.  Play the gong.  (sound of creation in the universe).  Allow vibration to help cleanse. Gong nap for 5 min.  Wiggle fingers and toes, bring one knee to chest and rock.   
7.  Meditation:  Kirtan Kriya:  (the most studied meditation scientifically).  Mantra, mundra, voice, and visualization.  3 languages of consciousness (aloud, whisper, mentally vibrating).  Powerful meditation to realign and a great meditation for beginners and daily practice.
Sit in easy pose
Eyes closed and focused at brow point.  Visualizing sound coming from top of head then out through brow point.   
Mantra: "Sa Ta Na Ma" For 7 min meditation: 1 min aloud, 1 min whispered, 2 min silent, 1 min whisper, 1 min aloud, then have 1 min of silence.
Mundra: touch thumb and 1st finger on "sa," thumb and middle on "ta," thumb and ring finger on "na," pinky and thumb on "ma."
TO end: inhale and hold breath, exhale.  1 min of silence.  Inhale by stretching arms.  Can do Kirtan Kriya while walking. 

  1.  Long time Sun/Tune out (2:30) Lava CD track 8

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