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Kundalini Yoga: Moonlight Yoga Class Outline #5

This is intended for those who attended the live class.  The Kriyas and Meditations must be performed exactly to obtain desired results and having seen them demonstrated can greatly increase accuracy.  I will begin uploading Kriyas and Meditations to my youtube channel shortly.  That will be the best place to start for those interested in learning more about Kundalini Yoga.




Addiction Support: Class 5 Details

Tune in

Wahe Guru Wahe Jio

Wha-hay guroo wha-hay guroo
wha-hay guroo wha-hay jeeo

Wahe Guru- Great Beyond description is the experience of God's Wisdom
Wahe Jio- Great Beyond Description is the experience of God Blessing the Soul

Continued work on Step 4 and 4th Chakra

What are the Ten Bodies?

The truth is that the human body is made up of ten bodies: the physical body, three mental bodies, and six energy bodies. The eleventh embodiment – when all ten bodies are under your direction – produces a pure state of consciousness when you have the ability to see all events as God’s Play and recognize the God in all.
You can visualize your various bodies as layers of clothing, the physical body being the overcoat you wear for a lifetime. We know we have a physical body; we can see it, touch it, and feel it. We also have other bodies that are equally real, if not more so. 

"If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you." ~ Yogi Bhajan

        Warm ups: 

1. Stirring bowl (3 min): Sit in easy pose with hands on knees.  Move in circular motion from pelvis.  Inhale when rotating forward, exhale while rotating backward.  (Can do “Sat Nam” breathing).  Reverse the movement.

2.  Cat/Cow (3 min).

End to rest in Child’s Pose. 


1. Sit in rock pose with hands resting on thighs. (3 min)
Eyes closed
Flex spine and inhale “sat” (mentally vibrating)
Curl spine in and exhale “nam”
To end:  come to sitting up tall, inhale, apply root lock and hold for 10 seconds.  Exhale.
2.  Sit with legs stretched out and hands in fists with thumbs out at hips (push up with knuckles down to floor).  Raise body off the ground by pushing up with hands, then drop back down rapidly.  (1 min).  Stimulates hypothalamus gland; sends messages throughout whole body (sends message to neutralize/relax/become one).  End by sitting still.
3.  Squat in crow pose. Fingers clasped with 1st fingers pointing out, arms straight out in front of you at heart center.  Breath of fire.  Eyes open and looking straight down at tips of fingers.  (2 min).  To end: Breath in and hold as long as possible while projecting from heart center.
4.  Stand up and bring legs to hip level, one at a time.  Punch opposite arm, then do the same with the other leg and arm.  (1 min) 
5.  Sit in easy pose, then using thumb and 1st finger to grab big toes, open into Kundalini lotus pose by opening legs 60 degrees apart and 60 degrees off ground.  (balance self on tail bone).  Spine is straight.  (1 min)  To end: inhale and hold. 
6.  Sit on left heel with right foot crossed over to left thigh.  Chant “On Sohung” (I am infinity) Eyes closed.  This mantra opens the heart chakra.  (1 min).  To end Inhale and relax.
7.  Sit in easy pose with arms extended straight out to sides and palms up.  Breath of fire.  Eyes closed.  (1 min)  To end: inhale and hold as long as you can, then exhale.  Relax
8.   Sit in easy pose.  Hands in venus lock behind neck.  Inhale “Sat” and bow to the floor, exhale “nam” and sit up.  (Sat nam…vibrating the truth) (2 min) To end: inhale, then exhale.  Relax for a moment 
9.  Sit in easy pose and extend arms in front of you.  Raise right arm 60 degrees while inhale, exhale and bring to beginning level.  Inhale and raise left arm, exhale while lowering.  (1min).  To end: bring arms to brow level; inhale and hold, then exhale.  Relax.  Hands in Gyan Mundra.  Eyes closed and focused on 3rd eye point. 

  Meditation for strengthening arcline: (3 min)

Women’s arclines are 16 times more enmeshed then men’s because it expands to hold another soul during pregnancy.  Women are also 16 times more powerful. ;)  We just need to be comfortable stepping into that greatness.  Every male sexual partner imprints on the arcline of a woman that runs nipple to nipple.  The more imprints, the greater the disconnect from God.  The imprints cannot be removed; however, they can be de-activated.  This deactivation goes for any unwanted or forced imprints, past partners that you no longer want the imprint, etc.  Remember to consider generational too!
*Sit in easy pose
*Mudra: Arms are going to be doing a scooping motion in front of body. 
*Eye closed.  Imagine scooping out the old and unwanted.
*Mantra: Wahe guru, wahe geo

Long Time Sun/Tune out 


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