Tuesday, June 17, 2014


In our church we do not believe in infant baptism; however, we bless our babies.  Our baby is presented to receive his name on the records of the church and to receives a special blessing as directed by the Holy Spirit by one who hold Priesthood power.

Blessings have been particularly tender for me the past few years as we have waited for a babe in arms again.

This month after almost four years it was finally our turn to have this beautiful experience again!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear much of the actual blessing because Shipton cried through the entire blessing!  There were two other babies to be blessed and going alphabetically, we were last.  As Shipton was getting fussier and fussier waiting his turn, I leaned over to Mark and told him I was suspecting Shipton would cry, so to please speak loudly.  He did speak up for his normal gentle voice; however, Shipton still out-cried him.  Mark was like a rock and remained calm and steady.  Those assisting with the blessing who heard more said it was beautiful.

Shipton was blessed by his handsome daddy!

My four BEAUTIFUL children!!!

 We were so disappointed that we forgot to take any pictures! :(  We had a luncheon separately to celebrate his arrival with our family and friends and kept his blessing to Grand/Great-Grandparents only.  I have really enjoyed doing it on a different day for a few reasons.

First, Sunday goes differently.  We have 600 members in our ward and with as much family (not to mention friends) we have in the area, we would easily displace the members of our ward.  We love being able to stay for all of church rather than rushing home after Sacrament Meeting to host our guests.

Second, since it is on a different day, I can put more effort into it.  I have learned over the years to simplify, so it wasn't anything fancy; however, it was more put together than if I had just left from church to host it.

We had a really good turn out and enjoyed visiting with all who came.

Shipton was blessed, but we are the ones who have been blessed this past year to have this little one to love.  We still can't get over Shipton really being our baby!  With longing for a baby for several years, it feels like we must have stolen him from somewhere.  We all watched my belly grow, so we know well it isn't true... it just feels wonderful to have chubby cheeks to kiss all day long again!

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