Monday, October 27, 2014

"Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" Yoga Series

In preparing the curriculum, I am realizing this is going to be a lot bigger class than I originally thought.  The purpose of this series is to build Zion by starting one heart at a time.  In addition to yoga, I will be sending out scriptures and resources each week ahead.  We will be discussing briefly what we learned & experienced as well as the yoga to create it.  I am struggling to find the words to explain the awesomeness of this class!  Wahe Guru!

Tuesdays, Jan 6-feb 10
7-8:15 pm
$30 for the series until Nov 22.  Then $45 until filled.

Register on my website.

Class One:
Honest Seekers of Zion
Kriya:  Kriya for Coordinating Mind, Body, & Soul
Meditation:  Technique for Fighting Brain Fatigue

Class Two:
The Fall, the Natural Man, & the Doctrine of Christ
Kriya:  Kriya for Living Weightlessly and Breaking the Bonds of the Earth 
Meditation: A Meditation to Help Combat Delusions and to Help Stabalize a Healthy Sense of Self-Identity

Class Three:
Faith Unto Miracles
Kriya:  Kriya for Unloading the Subconscious
Meditation:  Ganesha Meditation for Focus and Clarity

Class Four:
Turning the Hearts to the Fathers: gathering Israel & epi-gentics
Kriya:  Kriya to Withstand the Pressure of Time
Meditation:  Reacting to Childhood Patterns Kriya

Class Five:
The Trial of my Faith
Kriya: Kriya for Becoming Crystal clear
Meditation:  Kriya for Guidance
Class Six:
Seeking to Secure My Calling & Election
Kriya:  Kriya for Tattvas, Pranic Rib Cage, and Nervous System
Meditation:  A Tantric Meditation Technique to Create a Normal and Super normal State of Consciousness

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