Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Healing Trauma...

I realized after my post last week that I was choosing the "longer" and more "bumpy" healing process.  I realized I have more resources at my fingertips than I was tapping into!  It still is slower work compared to others times of healing for me, but more smoother than before.  Here are a few things I am doing to allow more grace in the healing process:

I have beefed up my daily meditation again.  I have added a meditation for healing and calming blend essential oil at the same time and the meditation for a calm heart with Snatam Kaur's "Servant of Peace" and geranium essential oil.  I have also been using Faster EFT (google it or maybe some day I will make a video?)  for acute trauma responses.

Also, here is a fun and effective meditation for kids who are healing from trauma.  Ironically this is our family daily yoga right now.

This is in addition to holistic self-care, including mighty prayer and feasting in the scriptures.  Extra tender and out of the ordinary self-care can also be helpful during times of trauma processing.  Be as tender to yourself as you would to a friend going through something similar.

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