Monday, December 15, 2014

My Personal Walk with the Lord in 2014

In the great and the small, He has been with me in it all!

I saw the hand of the Lord in Shipton's continued pregnancy & safe arrival.
He prepared the way for our beautiful & peaceful birthing time.
We treasure the opportunity to love another one of His little ones!

He sustained Mark as he worked 60-80 hours/week.
He gave him the physical and emotional support to endure.
Mark's new job was perfectly orchestrated.

He has carried me too through Mark's work schedule!
He also gave me the physical and emotional support to find joy in mothering.
The most important things get done every day.

He has blessed me with opportunities to grow in courage.
He has made me a teacher.
Every time I opened my mouth, He filled it!

He has brought healing.
He is taking my hurt as quickly as I surrender it.
I am thrilled to stand witness to the reality of this aspect of the atonement!

He has continued to lead me on in the pursuit of eternal blessings.
He has placed mentors & teachers in my path.
He is bringing me closer to securing my calling & election.

He has blessed me with opportunities, means, and experiences to wonder at His greatness and stand witness of His love and mercy!


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