Monday, October 24, 2016

Our next book:

Now that I got moving out of my system,:) how about our next book for book club?  I know a few of you have started to read this.  If there is anyone interested in joining us, but cannot in person, I will figure out a way to include you in the discussion.

UPDATE: We will meet Tuesday, Nov 15th at 7 pm at my house.  This is the week before Thanksgiving if that helps anyone.  

We will be reading Brad Wilcox's "The Continuous Atonement" next.  If you haven't ever heard him speak, he is phenomenal!  He gave a devotional at BYU about grace that completely changed my understanding of grace HERE.  You will not regret the 30 mins it takes to experience it. #1 choice is to watch it because he is such an animated speaker.  #2 listen so you can at least catch his hilarious voices. :)  He also had a condensed version of the speech in the Sept 2013 Ensign. This talk gets your feet wet for what he covers in more detail in his book.

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