Thursday, December 1, 2016

My free CHRISTmas Album

A few months back I heard a song called "The Miracle," by Shawna Belt Edwards.  I loved it so much I immediately purchased the music and started learning it.  It resonated closely to my testimony of the miracles Jesus Christ can create for each of us.  I sang it and sang it so much...that my oldest two children hid the music.  Their hope was that if I couldn't find the music that I would stop singing it. :)

In learning that new song my thoughts turned to ALL of the wonderful songs I have learned about Jesus Christ over the past decade or so and how deeply rooted my testimony of Jesus Christ is.  I began to consider on putting together a Christmas fireside.  When I shared my idea with Mark, he was supportive, but offered an exciting suggestion.  Why limit the number I could reach to a specific location and a one-time event?  Why not consider making it available online instead?  

We moved forward and before I knew it, I was in a recording studio working with the words and songs I had put together.  This track isn't necessarily my best work, but it is my hopes that it is good enough.  Some songs are stronger than others.  I acknowledge it is amateur at best, but it is my great hope that you will be able to FEEL of the message of joy and hope.  There were moments in the recording studio when I seriously felt like I was flying.  There are no words to describe how thrilling it is to sing hearing the beautiful accompaniment tracks coming through the earphones.  I cannot fully express how I feel all lit up when I have the chance to sing about my Savior or to share words of truth.

So, today I am sending this out into the world in hopes that it will reach those who are receptive to the message.  

You can download my noncommercial (FREE) CHRISTmas album HERE


I want to acknowledge the many who have helped to bring me to this point:

~Mark <3: How else in the world does a Mom of 4 "sneak away" to a recording studio?  Furthermore he is so good at taking my dreams and making them actualize.

~My parents: from a young age they provided for music lessons.  They never missed a performance or concert, even through college and once I was married.

~My many and patient music teachers and choir directors.  My dear voice teacher at BYU-Idaho, Sister Diane Burt deserves a special thanks.  She took me into her studio, when few would take a "singing nurse" seriously.

~Family, friends, mentors, teachers, bishops, my counselor, Rosemary: all who have helped me to sort through lies to discover truth.  All who have loved me and encouraged me, especially when I was in the middle of the ugliness.

~My Savior: who has filled my heart with songs of His redeeming love.  I love Him and cannot stop praising His name for all He has done for me and my family!

As I look back over my life, I can see God in the details and the ways He allowed others to cross my path to encourage light, love, and goodness to be brought out in me.

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