Monday, January 9, 2017

Book Club: "Spiritually Anchored in Unsettled Times," by Bruce C. Hafen

UPDATE: We are meeting Thursday, April 13 at 7 pm at my house. Those not able to join in person are welcome to contact me and we will figure out how to bring you in online.

This next one is a good one!  He discusses the process of God drawing us closer to Him.  The covenant path is not an easy one, and by nature, as we step into the waters of baptism and continue to progress closer to Him, it puts us on a path of refinement.  He goes into detail of what we can do as we face difficulty that seems it doesn't quite add up...those situations that may lead to questions and uncertainty...when it seems that God is contradicting Himself (paradoxes).  He teaches how our faith can help us rise up and over the skepticism that limits our understanding.

It was published in 2009, it should be easy to find.  I just did a quick search and it is available at Seagull Book and Deseret Book.  Amazon has copies as well.  I only have one copy of the book, but please don't let availability keep you from reading this with us.  We can figure out a way to share books as needed.

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