Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Call for Stories!

If I haven't sent you a message, count this as your personal invite. I am putting together a series of guest writers on this blog. Are you willing to share your story with addiction recovery or supporting a loved one with addiction? It can be as anonymous as you need it to be. It doesn't have to have a happy ending.  It doesn't have to have an ending yet.  I want it to be as real and raw as possible. It will be an awesome project! I don't know what we will for sure end up with yet, but my goal is to cover as many different aspects and experiences with addiction recovery as possible.  At this point it sounds like with the combined voices already lining up, we will be able to cover topics such as a spouse unwilling/unable to find recovery at all, spouses struggling with SSA (same-sex attraction), gender identity issues, abuse, and divorce.  I only have MY experiences and I am excited for these brave people who are willing to speak up about their experiences. Together we can reach more people.  I am eager to see whatever else I can get set up with your willingness to share. Email me at willis.katy at with any questions or to "sign up." Please share this post with anyone you know who could contribute to this project. THANK YOU!


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