Reach the Sisters in Your Stake...

When I opened up my program for Sacrament meeting today, look at what was in there!

This wasn't me, but another courageous and beautiful woman in my stake. This insert was included in every ward bulletin in our stake today. This is exactly what I have been talking about lately---these kinds of things that each one of us can do to reach others within our circle of influence. Each woman is needed! Each one of us can make the way smoother and less lonely for other women battling betrayal trauma from the pornography or sex addiction of their husbands. Note that she remained anonymous, so it was completely safe for her.

Can you grasp the impact of this inspired idea alone?! And what if each one of us did something like this. Think big! Ask God! Parter with Christ to serve WITH Him, not just for Him...with His strength, His attributes, and His love. God uses the willing. Tell Him about your willing heart and then watch the miracles unfold. Thanks again, dear sister, for being willing and vulnerable and for passing it on. <3