Sisters in Christ.

When I phoned my friend recruiting her help in putting this beautiful clip together she asked me what it's for.  "You know me," I laughed.  "One day I was in the tub and the idea just came to me. I asked Mark if I could have my Christmas present early then scheduled the recording studio and the videographer.  It isn't for anything in particular other than I decided to do it."  I know it was an inspired idea, though.  Everything came together perfectly...better than I could have imagined.  I hope you can catch the vision of what it means to become sisters in Christ.

Not every woman in this music video has been through betrayal trauma, but think what could happen if each one of us partnered with Christ to make the path smoother for the women who will come behind us!  Infidelity, infertility, loss, cancer, a wayward child, poverty...and on and on...we all struggle with SOMETHING. Whether that means we are public about our battles or maintain anonymity, GOD.NEEDS.EACH.ONE.OF.US!  Do you know how much God needs YOU?!!!  Each one of us can participate in the work of the Savior by bringing hope, loving others around us as He loves them, and serving God's children alongside Christ.  God knows His children!  "God has devised means to save each of his children." -Henry B. Eyring.  We don't have to be articulate or talented...only willing.  He will do the rest!  Thanks to my beautiful friends for helping to put this together.  It is even sweeter with the faces I have grown to dearly love.  I am thankful to the women in the Rexburg 19th ward to served me and my family tirelessly and showed us true charity.  I am grateful for the women in the Brigham City 21st ward who have also taught me about friendship and charity.  I love each one of you!  You have impacted me life and the lives of my family members eternally.  I will wear out my life doing all I can to pay it forward. A shout out to the fabulous for the stunning videography and to Justin at JJM Sound and Video for recording the music.