Christ-Centered Yoga for Trauma

I teach {Christ-centered, trauma-informed} Kundalini Yoga & meditation classes in person at the Diversity Dance Studio in Perry, UT (near Brigham City) and online through Zoom!  You either join class live in person or live online. Watch a 20 minute clip of me explaining the physical effects of betrayal trauma and what yoga can do to help counter those effects HERE. Try out my free 75 minute yoga class for betrayal trauma HERE.   To read more general information about Kundalini Yoga, then go HERE.

As the wife of a recovered sex addict, the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga & meditation has been a big part of my recovery story.  It has brought healing and changes in my mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual life. Come and see what this is all about!

Current classes:

Conquering the Roots of Trauma

This is a 6 week series where we will break down and tackle the roots of trauma.  We do what we do for a reason---that includes the actions and behaviors that have served as a protection or coping mechanism for so long.  This class will be every other Saturday night from 8-9 pm beginning October 7th and ending December 16th. This class is open to any type of trauma (not reserved for betrayal trauma only).  This class has sold out in person; however, you can still join us live online through a few options.  Recording coming soon!

           {Christ-Centered, Trauma-informed} 

           Kundalini Yoga for Beginners Part 1

This 6 week series will cover: a basic overview of Kundalini Yoga, how to start and expand a daily practice, pranayam (breath), mantra (sound current), asana (body positions during yoga/poses), mudra, (hand and finger positions), and eye focus.  Everything is taught in a Christ-centered way and tailored to the trauma survivor.  This course is not only for betrayal trauma, but any kind of past trauma.  Class recordings are included FREE when you join a live class in person or online or by purchasing the series (you can also use the pay per class or punch card options to buy any classes you missed), so you can always go back and review class.  I will e-mail the class recordings and summary details after each class; you won't miss a thing if you cannot join us for one or more of these dates. Classes are taught on Saturday nights from 8-9 pm MST (come at 7:45 if you want me to rub your feet rubbed with essential oils--FREE) on the following dates.

Class 1.  Jan 13
Class 2.  Jan 27
Class 3. Feb 17
Class 4.  Feb 24
Class 5.  Mar 3
Class 6.  Mar 17

If you will be joining online: 
1. Register by signing the waiver HERE and e-mail the completed form to
2. Select a payment option below
3. You will automatically be e-mailed instructions to join class through Zoom

 If you will be joining in person:
1. There is no need to pre-register at this time.
Now that we are in the dance studio, we still have plenty of space for joining in-person without registering ahead. Just come and please invite your friends!!!  Come a few minutes before class to sign the waiver.
2.  Pay with cash or check by coming a few minutes early to class or select a payment option below.
3.  Join us at Diversity Dance!

Option #1 ~Purchase The Series: Total cost is $24 (break-down of $4 per class).  There is no refund if you miss the live class (in person or online), but remember the recordings will be included in your purchase. This option is only good towards the classes for this specific series and cannot be used towards other future classes.  It's a great way to step into the Kundalini Yoga experience without a huge financial commitment.

***BEST VALUE*** Option #2 ~10 Class Punch Card:  Total cost is $50 (break-down of $5 per class).   It can be used towards any 10 yoga classes and is good for 1 year from the purchase date.

Option #3 ~Pay Per Class: $6 per class.  You can pay online or bring cash or check if you choose to pay at class.  If you are joining class online, please pay before class online.

Watch for the following upcoming series in the future:  Details coming soon...

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