Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT) is a proprietary protocol designed to initiate a quantum shift in the nervous system by resetting the brain's response to emotional triggers for both past and present emotional trauma and stress. You can read more details HERE.

QNRT is part of an emerging branch of the medical field called Quantum Neurobiology and is simply Anatomy & Physiology. My personal medical background is in nursing. I also have been trained as a life coach, yoga instructor, and guided imagery facilitator. I have a deep respect for and love of the body. I recognize the great privilege it is to be able to offer services that support individuals as they work through the integration process for trauma.

The majority of the clients I have previously worked with as a yoga instructor and life coach have been sexually betrayed by a partner or spouse. Almost 70% of individuals who are sexually betrayed experience most of the symptoms of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)* (See Kevin Skinner, Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal, 7). I needed something that could consistently work with the physical effects of trauma for these clients and I am delighted to have found that in QNRT.

Traumatic events change people. They changes what a person believes---beliefs about her/himself, beliefs about others, and beliefs about how the world "works." Traumatic events also change the body. They especially rewire the brain and the nervous system, and therefore can have a profound impact on the physical health of individuals (see the landmark ACE study for details of how trauma effects physical and mental health). As a QNRT practitioner, I have simply become a brain specialist. Together, we go into the territory that words alone cannot resolve because of the effects of trauma on the body. QNRT shifts both body and mind. QNRT does not involve talk therapy; talking about the trauma or stress is completely optional. Although we are working with beliefs, we can still reset it without talking about it. Several of my clients with deep trauma or parents of young clients have been relieved knowing ahead of time that talking is optional. However, most of my clients with deep trauma have been surprised at the ease with which they have been able to talk during a session.

Many of the clients I have worked with so far in QNRT have continued to come with a history of sexual betrayal, but I now also have almost as much experience in working with children (even as young as age 4). QNRT is helpful for any trauma or stress. I am happy to work with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and histories.

I am taking a light client load at this time. Please e-mail me with questions at willis.katy@gmail.com or call/text to set up a session @ 435-339-3274. I am only charging $75 per session with your a free consultation for your first session.

*PTSD must be diagnosed by a qualified professional; I am not qualified to make such a diagnosis. If you suspect you might be experiencing PTSD then please speak with your medical doctor or a qualified therapist.

What should I expect a session to be like?

I am down to about 20-25 minutes per session. The majority of a session is primarily assessment. Once the assessment is complete, we take a few minutes to discuss the findings together. This is your opportunity to discuss the traumatic event(s) or stress if you choose to and how it ties into what we have discovered. Then we reset the brain and nervous system based on the specifics of what is presenting.

Because we are dealing with the brain and the nervous system, we use simple tools such as a pen light, tuning forks, and lasers within a narrow spectrum to activate specific lobes of the brain and tissues of the body. It may seem intriguing from the outside, but I am happy to answer any questions you may have. The Anatomy & Physiology of this protocol is simply fascinating!

Clients have reported it to be an overall gentle process. I am supporting your nervous system as we go along, so most clients have found it easier than they expected to talk once we get to that point of the session. It takes 3 days to fully process a reset.

Recognizing I am currently the only practitioner in Utah, here are options for clients coming from out of town for resets. Resets must be done in person (no online options). I can do up to 2 resets per client in one day as long as the client either eats or naps between resets. This is usually what my clients do who are coming from out of town. One of Brigham City's top rated restaurants is actually just a  few doors down from my office, so get reset then go grab lunch or dinner and come back for one more reset before heading home. There is also The Hampton Inn just across the street from my office, (as well as other options for lodging) for clients who want to pack several days of double resets in. Let's discuss the details together and find something that works for you.

I accept cash, check, or Venmo at this time. My office address is 9 Forest Street Brigham City, UT.

I look forward to working with you soon as Utah's very first QNRT Practitioner!

"Katy is one of the most compassionate people I know. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient. Her pure desire is to help her clients and to make sure they feel at ease with the process. Within the QNRT process, it is an option - if you feel willing and comfortable - to talk through the emotional barriers you are facing. The first QNRT session I had with Katy, I felt comfortable to do this because Katy is SO non-judgmental and compassionate. The feelings I had been carrying were deep and stuck. After the reset, I couldn't even describe to you the feeling I had - the gripping feeling I had carried inside was unlocked and gone. There was a literal physical feeling inside of me that something had shifted and changed. It was amazing!!! I believe that healing is a process and each step we take gets us closer to where we want to be. I have seen QNRT as a valuable and reliable tool in helping my heart heal one step at a time!" ~Shey


"I went through some traumatic experiences was I younger and I went to various counselors and a physiatrist from about age 18 to 28. Some of them were very helpful and some were not and some were hurtful (not intentionally). I was able to work through a lot and move on. But I still had a lot of unexplained, unnecessary weirdness (anxieties, thoughts) About a year and a half ago, my really good friend Katy, did a few life coaching sessions with me. It was remarkable how much that has helped me recognize and change negative thought patterns and habits. It was the quickest, most straightforward and least painful thing I have done to help myself heal, change and move on positively. Yoga was helpful too...I went in today for a reset, because I feel there are some other things that have come up, that I would like to address and change. You guys, honestly it was so much easier/faster/ more effective than the life coaching we did before...Please note, that this is not like counseling. It is NOT talk therapy. There are not histories to be explored. You don't need to disclose details about painful events, your brain knows exactly what is being worked on and you don't need to elaborate...I know some of you do not live near Brigham City, but I can promise you this is life changing and is worth the drive, time and expense- otherwise I would not be sharing this with anyone. Katy didn't ask me to write this email. I did this on my own, because this truly is a miracle and a science I believe Heavenly Father is sharing this technology right now in our day because we need it so bad." ~Becca


"After Katy gave me a few resets while she was visiting Idaho I knew it was worth spending a day driving to Brigham and back for more. QNRT is unlike anything I have ever experienced (and I have tried a lot of things over the course of many years through multiple practitioners - Cognitive behavior therapy, Emotion focused therapy, EMDR, Life span integration, Talk therapy, Drug therapy, Physical therapy and Energy healing to name a few). I have found more physical pain relief and emotional progress through these gentle resets than anything else. After the first resets it seemed my mind and body were literally telling me 'Thank you' for the healing. Followup visits have increased and deepened that healing. 

"I have to admit that the testing process took some getting used to, however, after I realized she was not moving my arm in two different directions, but that my arm could only go down if it was not 'locked,' it made sense (much like a gearshift on the steering column can only move up and down if it is pulled forward). Also, I cannot help but laugh out loud as she is listing things that no one else could know about me except me. 

"One of the most impressive evidences that this is a valid science is that Katy told me about how I store my anger and that it was generational. I thought that was weird until I was visiting with my mom one day and she was telling me about some physical symptoms she was having. I told her I experience the same pains and my mom then told me that her mom had them and her grandmother had also experienced them. This was the exact linage Katy had specified!

"Another example is that when Katy worked on me in Idaho it was while she was visiting for other purposes. She had not yet made a file for me so she could not look up what she had worked on before. However, I noticed that each reset - though coming through different directions and symptoms - ended ip dealing with my unresolved anger and worked on healing the same area of my brain! I have found much relief as I have worked through the different levels of learning about my anger. First, where and how I store unresolved anger, then being able to allow myself to release what I have stored. Now I'm learning to recognize when I am starting to store anger so I can acknowledge and release it." ~Wendy


"[The day I was reset] was the lightest I have felt in years." -Anonymous