My Name is Katy

Many feel alone in their battle against addiction.  I have enough experience to reassure you that you are surrounded by others going through similar details as you, but if you are like me, it probably doesn't feel like it. Since you don't know that there are others who have been or are exactly where you are right now, it's easy to feel alone. Not very many people are willing to open up and talk even a little bit, let alone transparently, about what they have been through or are going through with their own addiction or in supporting a loved-one with addiction.  Because my husband, Mark, and I are open about what we have been through, it puts us in a unique situation to help share the stories that otherwise would be left unshared due to the need for total anonymity.

I am asking for your stories.  Stay tuned and check back as this project takes off and grows. I will continue to publish the stories as they come in.  I am grateful for the brave souls who have already undertaken this invitation! Because of these and other individuals willing to stand tall and be vulnerable, together we can have a greater impact and reach than my story alone can have.  If you are interested in sharing your story or you know someone who may be able to contribute to this project, please e-mail me at

Be warned, not everything shared will be pretty or warm and fuzzy.  While you wait for these stories to get rolling, maybe spend some time preparing with some education on shame.  Our innate response may be to turn away, try to make it better, or distance ourselves.  But even though these stories may not be your stories, we are all just one addiction or addicted loved one away from where these people are.  Go check out THIS clip and THIS clip from the fabulous Berne Brown.  If you haven't been introduced to her yet, you will want to go check her out!  She is a shame researcher.  I am not even kidding.  That is a real thing, thanks to her efforts in this area of research and human development.



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Sally's story