Friday, July 12, 2013

Regrets of a changed heart part IV

There aren't any regrets in this post...this post is needed to finish off the series.  Hypnobabies truly has been the catalyst for changing many of my core beliefs and the way I approach life.

As I pondered and processed through what had just happened with my easy and comfortable birth of my Hypnobaby, at first I felt very dumped on my head as far as my beliefs go.  I had just had an 8 lb 9 oz baby without any pain and it was easy!  My Hypnobabies preparation was actually one of the "easiest" things I did for myself during my pregnancy: find time to relax and listen to positive scripts/tracks (more on that soon).  I could not believe what had just happened to me---in a good way.  It felt so foreign to me to understand that it really can be that "simple."  As I pondered more about it, I wondered what else I was missing out on because I had been too closed minded to try.  My Hypnobabies birth has been a springing off point to try other alternative medicine approaches and methods that have greatly enriched my life and that of my family.

Through the Hypnobabies program, I became aware of my subconscious mind and the need to be selective about what I allow into it---about what I choose to believe.  I had no idea that I had things in my "belief box" that shouldn't be in there!  Some things were "good advice" while other things were FLAT OUT LIES!  Just as I took the time to exam my belief boxes for pregnancy and birth, I have continued to exam the belief boxes I have for the other aspects of my life.  It is such an empowering feeling to know that I can choose what goes in and what stays in! :)

Hypnobabies taught me to believe in myself and trust myself and my body.  I have been immensely grateful for the information not only on pregnancy & birth, but also the changes that have come to my life by applying this principles and tools elsewhere too.

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