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Shipton's birth story part 2: WE DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS FOR SURE "IT" UNTIL THE LAST HOUR...

For the next week and a half after the "dress rehearsal" pressure waves(contractions) and cramping would come and go.  I usually had an hour or two throughout the day where I had pressure waves every 7-10 min apart.  Every night around 10 or 11 they would come and I would fall asleep to them, but wake up still pregnant.  I knew Shipton would come when he was ready and I was confident that my body was getting ready for birthing time.

For our Tuesday night Yoga class, I taught a meditation with the mantra "Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhee Such" and I found a beautiful arrangement HERE.  It is for getting stuck things flowing.  With my birthing time in mind, I played it most of the day over and over Wednesday.  I also had a thought.  I had pre-designed Shipton's birth announcement.  I had put in March dates, over 9 lbs for weight, and the middle of the night.  Those were all things I was expecting.  I felt like I should take off those items and leave them blank.  It sounds funny, but it felt like one last way to release anything emotional that may be holding things off on my end.  Shipton was ready.  He had dropped 2 weeks previous and was in the best position for birthing time (with his head down, facing my back, and on the left side of my belly).

Wednesday night, my regular pressure waves came a bit earlier than normal.  They stayed the entire night.  I am a deep sleeper, so was able to sleep through most of them.  When I woke up Thursday, they were continuing 7-10 min apart.  As I went throughout my day Thursday, they stayed.  I listened to the "Birthing Day Affirmations" and more of "Come OUT Baby."  Mostly I just continued about my day and usual activities, but I used my Hypnobabies finger drop and would "shut off" for the pressure wave, then count myself back up to "center" in between.  It worked very well for me, but was a bit funny at times with the kids.  One came at the dinner table and our 5-year-old asked, "what happened to mom?"

HYPNOBABIES NOTE:  Unique to Hypnobabies is "Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis."  Our moms are able to walk, talk, reposition, move around, etc.  while still remaining deeply in hypnosis and relaxation by using the "center switch."  We can also shut "off" and go completely limb and loose and shut off every muscle and part of our body not required for continued function.  Involuntary functions such as heart beating, breathing, etc. continue, but  mom is unable to move in the "off" position.  If she needs to speak or move, etc. she simply turns her switch to "center" and has complete control over this process.

I was expecting the pressure waves to stop during the night...but they didn't.  They were actually coming strong enough that most of them woke me up throughout the night.  As I woke up Friday, they felt different.  They were still 7-10 minutes apart, but they felt stronger and more focused in my cervix.  I also had pink bloody show.  I texted the midwife and let her know, but that it wasn't for sure today yet.  I went to my chiropractor appointment (that may have helped) and also a choir rehearsal as pressure waves continued 7-10 min apart. 

We reached the not so fun point of needing to decide whether or not to send Mark to work (he works afternoons-nights).  Pressure waves were strong, but still 7-10 min apart.  We decided to send him with the agreement that he would tie up any loose ends and be available to come home if I needed him.

Listening to Hypnobabies tracks
Pressure waves continued, but were 5 min apart.  I had the kids watch a movie and after the movie was ready for my husband to come back home and to bring dinner.  It took him some time to come back home.  After having pressure waves 5 min apart for 2 hours, they spaced back out to 7-10, but were staying strong.  It was almost bed time and looking back, I think my body knew it needed to wait until after getting kiddos tucked into bed.  We decided this could possibly be early birthing time and to get things set up, the kids to bed, then "hunker down" in our birth nest to see if that would help pressure waves get closer together.

I put our 3-year-old down to bed while my husband worked with the older two.  They helped him inflate the tub and prepare a few things.  We tucked them in and while my hubby started to fill the pool I alternated between "Come OUT Baby" and "Birthing Day Affirmations" while continuing my finger drop technique.  After an hour, pressure waves stayed at 7-10 min apart.  Where I had missed 2 nights of normal rest, we decided to lay down and see if that would bring pressure waves closer together.  My husband was a good sport.  I was worried that moving upstairs to bed would space things back out, so we laid down on the floor with the Hypnobabies "Birthing Day Affirmations" playing out loud and "slept" for an hour.

My husband slept, but as I lay down, the pressure waves were coming strong.  Every 7 min I would switch to "off," relax into the pressure wave, then switch back up to "center" and doze.  After about an hour, I recognized that this really could be my birthing time if I could get the pressure waves closer.  I got up and walked around with my earbuds in.  After about an hour, they were staying spaced out, so I laid back down.  Things kept repeating themselves.  I finally woke my husband up and we moved to the bedroom, but I didn't stay for long.

Around 4 am, I hopped into the birth ball and bounced to "Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhee Such."  After about an hour, they still weren't coming any closer, so I joined my hubby in bed with my earbuds in and continued to play Hypnobabies tracks.

When we woke up around 7 am, I told my husband they were very strong.  They were staying about 7-10 min apart, though.  My bloody show had also changed to red-tinged.  I texted the midwife: "These are 'baby bringing intensity.'  If they were closer together, I would know that this is my birthing time."  She asked to be updated.  Around 9, I sent my hubby and kiddos out for a doughnut run so I could focus on my body.

When I was up, they were coming every 5 min.  They were very intense if I was up.  If I lay back down I was better able to relax into them, but they would space back out to 10 min.  It felt better to be laying down and instinctively I turned on "Easy First Stage" on the "Birth Guide" CD.

For the next hour or so, I listened and stayed in "center" during pressure waves so I could use my "Peace cue."  We did the home study course with our last Hypnobabies baby.  We didn't realize we had cue to deepen my hypnosis and relaxation, so we were excited to try them out during birthing time this time.

HYPNOBABIES NOTE:  Unique to Hypnobabies is the use of real medical hypno-anesthesia.  This is the deep hypnosis that can be used in lieu of anesthesia during major surgeries.  It is at the same deep level of hypnosis that is achieved in Hypnobabies where sensations of discomfort are felt as only pressure or touch, etc.  The "Peace cue" allows our Moms to be able to create this anesthesia and to send it to wherever they may be experiencing any discomfort.

I was pleased with how effect my "peace cue" worked.  I was able to send my hypno-anesthsia to my cervix area and lower back where I was really feeling the pressure waves.

Around 10 or so, I felt a bit boxed in.  These were powerful pressure waves, but I still didn't know if this was it where they weren't coming any closer.  The midwife on-call that day lives about 45 min from my home.  We also wanted to leave enough time for an IV lock.  I didn't want to cry wolf again, but I wanted to give her enough time to arrive.  She read my telepathic thought and texted that she was scheduled for a post-partum visit with another mom in my city at 11:30.  She asked if she could stop by and check on us afterwards.  I was so relieved!  She wasn't going to make a special trip if this was a false alarm!  She recommended I rest up until she arrived.

At my husband's suggestion, I moved back down to the basement into our birth next.  We got the kids settled with a movie and I asked him to finish prepping the tub.  I lay down with my "Easy First Stage" track.  During this point I realized it was easier if I was "off" in between pressure waves, then counted up to "center" to use my "peace cue."  This made it much easier to relax into the pressure waves than if I was in "center" before a pressure wave.

I assumed the midwife's appointment would go from 11:30-12:30.  Around 1, I got up to use the restroom.  I thought I had enough time in between to get back into "off" before the next pressure wave.  While on the potty, a strong pressure wave caught me off guard.  It felt as strong as the pressure waves I had right before I pushed my last Hypnobabies baby out.  My husband happened to be in the room and was able to deepen my hypnosis with the "relax" cue (Does just that).  After the pressure wave, I tearfully explained to my husband how intense that was, but that I was afraid because they were still "too far apart" to be transformation (transition) intensity.  I lay back down and got back into the groove of things and was able to relax into the pressure waves like before getting up.  I was ready to eat lunch, so sat on the birth ball and like the pressure wave on the potty, it caught me off guard and was strong.  It wasn't comfortable to stay sitting, but when I stood up it was uncomfortable too.  I was struck by the power of the pressure wave that I couldn't move to get back to laying down.  My husband had been passing through the room and again offered support.  It was around 1 or so.  I asked him to text and make sure the midwife was coming and lay back down and eased back into pressure waves.

She arrived around 1:30.  We discussed things.  I told her that I was wanted her to perform an exam, but not to tell me numbers.  As we say in Hypnobabies, we do not give birth by numbers!  I just wanted to know if I could get into the tub because it felt like the water would help, but I didn't want to get in too early.  In between the discussion and the exam, I was standing for a pressure wave.  I told my husband I didn't know what I needed and he tried to offer support physically and with deepening, but I felt like I was about to crawl out of my skin with the power of that pressure wave.  I was hopping from foot to foot and couldn't relax into that pressure wave.

We made it through then moved to be able to do the exam.  The midwife's eyes grew wide as she performed the exam.  I could feel her fingers stretch, so I knew I wasn't still 1-2 cm open like the last exam.  I was guessing maybe 5 cm tops, though with how mild and spaced out pressure waves had been.  As she removed her glove, she calmly said I could get into the water any time I wanted.  She also asked if it was ok for her to call her assistants to join her.  After the birth, she was I was 7 cm open; however, when she opened her fingers, she could stretch my cervix to completely open.  She also asked if there was any one else who was suppose to be there for the birth.  We listed off our team and she suggested we tell them to come now.  Mark left to make phone calls.

With joy, I hopped into the water and told my midwife about my regret for frequent vaginal exams with my previous birth.  The Dr. wanted to be notified when I was 7 cm open.  His instructions were to perform another exam in 30 min if nothing happened before.  On the second exam I as still 7 cm open, but my baby had dropped.  His instructions were repeated and after 30 mins of powerful pressure waves and beginning to feel pushy, I was informed that I was "'just' 8 cm open."  I felt like I couldn't focus for another 2 hours (do the math...1 hour to go from 7-8 cm= 2 more hours to 10 cm + pushing) and requested narcotics.  About 30 seconds after the nurse left the room to phone the Dr., I had a pressure wave where my baby was coming down my birth canal.  Her eyes got wide again.  Poor midwife!  She arrived to find me ready to roll, no equipment in the house yet, not team yet and I was unknowingly increasing her suspicion that things could happen quickly.

Pressure waves began coming closer once in the water, but they were much more mild.  I could easily talk through them and was able to stay in "center" in between them.  I put my earbuds in anyway and continued with "Easy First Stage."  The midwife observed my change, asked if I was ok while she brought in her equipment.  I echoed her observation that the pressure waves were easy and to go ahead.  I was excited not feeling boxed in by numbers, but for the first time in days of regular pressure waves knew for sure this was my birthing time.

I had a pressure wave that was as strong as the 3 I had on "land" and began using my "peace cue" again.  My husband had amazing timing has he was going in and out of the room because yet once again he came part-way through and used the "relax cue" to deepen my hypnosis.  After the pressure wave, I told him I needed him to stay.  The midwife came in with equipment part-way through the next pressure wave that was just as powerful.  Afterward, she calmly told me that my membranes could release (water break)  at any time and to let her know when that happened so we could check on baby.  My husband stepped away for a few minutes to change into his swim trunks in a closet and was in the water with me shortly after.

I had one more powerful pressure wave where I struggled to get comfortable.  Part-way through the pressure wave I changed positions to a side-lying in the water with mu hubby holding me and the rest of the pressure wave was comfortable.  As the next pressure wave began, I was feeling pressure.  I decided to "sing my baby down" and wait for the pressure to build into the urge to push.  Our doula captured my singing on film.  

There are also some other great clips she took in the few minutes between feeling pushy and our babe in arms on my youtube channel.   They show well how effective Hypnobabies is and how alert and present I was during my birth time. 

HYPNOBABIES NOTE: In Hypnobabies we teach mother-directed pushing.  Mom can listen to her body as to when to push, how long to push, and what position to be in.  We encourage our moms to wait to bear down and to "ahhh" her baby down.  (Singing accomplished the same thing by keeping my jaw, and therefore, my cervix open and relaxed.  Many moms will begin to have the irresistible urge to bear down begin on the peaks of pressure waves.  With my first Hypnobabies baby I thought I was ONLY to breathe my baby down and didn't realize that it still requires some controlled pushing to ease baby over the perineum.  Pushing is different for every mom & baby.  We encourage moms to do what feels best.

At the end of my song, I had the urge to bear down at the peak of the pressure wave, which I did.  On the peak of the following wave, it again felt right to bear down.  As I did so, my membranes released.  My midwife monitored or baby's heart as I finished my song.  With the next pressure wave, I knew I needed to change positions.   

I bore down at the peak of one more pressure wave in this new position.  At encouragement from the midwife, I felt my baby's head.  My perineum was bulging in between pressure waves.  With the next pressure wave I pushed out his head all but his chin.  My midwife encouraged me to bear down just a little bit more.  My husband announced as he could see "his eyes, his nose, his mouth."  With the next pressure wave, I pushed out Shipton's body into Mark's arms behind me.  Our other 3 children had come into the room a few pressure waves earlier and were at our side to witness Shipton's birth.  It was a tender moment for us as a couple and family, having waited for so long for this little guy and several years for a baby of our own again.  HERE is the actual moment of his birthing time.  Our Doula caught it at a perfect angle to clearly see his arrival.  An exciting movie clip for birth junkies, but may be "offensive" for family or others who don't care to see.  :)

I love how the movie clip captured each child's excitement and joy.  Sennika was crying hysterically.  At first the midwife thought she was upset, but she kept saying "I'm so happy.  It's Shipton."  Leland was running around the pool trying to find the best angle to see past all the big people screaming "It's my baby!  Shipton is my baby!"  (We have always told the youngest sibling that the soon to arrive baby was THEIR baby.  It really helped to smooth over getting de-throned from being the baby).  Analytical Gavin said several times "I thought it was going to be another false alarm."  He was very angry about our previous false alarm because the kids had opened the movies, treats, and bubbles.  According to Gavin, we were going to "use up" all of these things if I kept having false alarms. :)

We could not have been happier for how our birthing time turned out!  It was so very easy!  It was just as easy as my false alarm minus a few powerful pressure waves and actually getting a baby to love and kiss.

And ps...He was less than the 9 lbs on my pre-announcment and came in the middle of the day rather than the middle of the night like I had envisioned.  His birthing time came when we both needed it and couldn't have been more perfect for us!

  I am honored to offer the Hypnobabies course to couples in the Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and surrounding aresas.

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