Monday, May 12, 2014

Because of Him...

This is a very belated Easter post; however, in so many way that is perfect.  I am learning to live with Jesus Christ in my daily life and not just in the holiday season or on Sundays or even solely out of desperation.

I had a very simple moment that really took my breath away.  Easter weekend we headed out as a new family of 6.  We took the kites the Easter Bunny had brought (he comes on Saturday to our house) and headed over to the church playing fields.  I was rocking Shipton to sleep in the wrap and Mark helped the other three get set up with their kites.

As I took in the brief, yet perfect, moment:
The sunshine and beginnings of spring...
Excited, happy little ones... the pitter-patter of their feet and the flurry of kite tails and tangled string...
The feeling of my baby's body pressed against mine, with his "new baby smell"...
My handsome husband whose smiles and glances my way brought butterflies...

I was overcome with gratitude for many things, but the strongest being Jesus Christ and His atonement working in our lives.  I was enjoying this moment of joy and serenity, that to me, was an epiphany of our new lives... because of Him.

Because of Him we have been carried to forgive.

Because of Him we are healing.

 Because of Him we can be forgiven.

Because of Him we can learn from our mistakes.

Because of Him we have been changed.
Because of Him, we are learning to trust again.

Because of Him we can rebuild.

Because of Him we have found new love.

Because of Him we find peace despite being surrounded by uncertainty.

Because of Him our burdens can be light.

Because of Him we can be made strong.


The atonement has become real in my life!  Jesus Christ has changed from someone vague and impersonal to the one propelling me forward in the intimate details of my live.  I am also grateful to a loving Heavenly Father and His willingness of sharing His son and for His beautiful Plan of Happiness!

A few short years ago I could not imagine what joy and unity was possible for our future nor the peace and healing that has already taken place. 

It is all because of Him. 

(Click to watch a beautiful clip entitled "Because of Him")



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