Friday, October 3, 2014

Closing this chapter of our lives...

A big challenge for our family has been that even though my husband has been making different decisions and fighting for our marriage and family, we still continued to have consequences from his previous choices YEARS later.  I have admired my husband's courage as he has continued to hold firm and take responsibility and push through the challenges.  We both worked to dig out of the deep hole we created together.

We will be completely moving forward with our new life this week!  The last major consequence has been providing for our family.  We are thrilled to publicly announce that he has accepted an offer and started yesterday.  We want to not only share the details, but also the blessings of the past few years of proactively waiting for this.

FAQ for now:

WHERE? The company he has been working at part-time has created a position for him (Avant Guard).
WILL WE MOVE? Nope!  Staying here in our beautiful home and fabulous ward!
WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE? 40 hours!  We are thrilled just about that alone!  (After 60-80 hours for two years, we are jumping for joy!)  The company is growing extremely fast and he will be the "problem solver" as they continue rapid growth.  It will be a career position with an increase in salary too.

We have been proactively waiting for this for about 4 years.  We have been so blessed along the way and we can see how God has been leading us on.

More later when I have more hands to type. :)

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