Friday, October 3, 2014

Half birthday?!?

With General Conference weekend here, I realized that it was 6 months ago that we brought this little guy into our arms.  Long and sleepless nights (keeping his growing tank full of milk) have merged with long days  (of developing my biceps and creativity as I pack this "little" angel around to keep my home and family running). 

I cannot believe how the time has flown by. 

For the most part I have enjoyed being in the moment and I'm grateful I have soaked his baby-goodness up as much as I have.  It startled me a bit when he started hitting milestones because in my mind, he was still a newborn.  6 months and he is far from newborn.

A few fun Shipton things:
*His hair has grown in lighter than the other kids'.  It's blonde-ish/orange!  It will be fun to see what color it settles on.
*His eyes look like they may be green. They are still changing, so we will see.
*His first word was "Dada."  We are 4 for 4 folks.  Second word was "Mama" (good boy)...followed by egg then knee.  The three older kids cannot get over how "smart" their little munchkin is. :) 
*He is starting to sit up.  With a little bit more practice he will keep his balance.
*The army crawling has begun! 

His mood has gotten more predictable.  We have loved watching him settle in and watching his confidence and trust grow.  He still likes to be held quite a bit and is enjoying longer and longer stretches playing with his toys on the floor or his "office" (the exersaucer).

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