Saturday, February 7, 2015

Relations In Harmony Yoga Series is Almost Here!

This is going to be fabulous!  It is based on Yogi Bhajan's Authentic Relationships Series, but I am also adding what I have learned through 12 step, my group counseling, and training as an Intuitive Life Coach.  PLUS the yoga to help create the changes. Fabulous doesn't give this opportunity justice.  I am seriously giddy to offer this!

For all of you who have been reading the addiction posts on this blog, this is a great opportunity to jump into Kundalini Yoga.  Kundalini Yoga has brought stability, attention to myself and my own needs, helped me release strong emotions, quiet my mind so I can tune into my true self and communicate more clearly with God, and shed negativity or harmful patterns.

Here is the outline:

Authentic Relationships
Love and the Infinite Game of life
The Law of Polarity in Relationships
Living as Your Authentic Self
Divine Delight and the Play of Masculine & Feminine
Legacy and Lineage: Passing on Grace and Consciousness

$30/person for the 6 weeks or $45/couple.  A couple could be husband/wife, mom/daughter, dating, friends...whoever.

Tuesdays from 7-8:15 MST.  Feb 17-Mar 24

Register HERE.  

This will be recorded. Those registered for class will receive the recordings whether they are able to attend live or not.

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