Friday, April 3, 2015

Crazy Exciting Family News...

The condensed version is we are looking to adopt a baby, Mark accepted a promotion at work, and that promotion means we will be moving to Ogden, Utah in May.

It's a lot even for us and we have had 2 weeks to realize this is all really happening and quickly.  God is so good!  He has poured out great blessings on me and my family.  It's a jumbled experience for us---part excitement, part nerves, part joy, and part sadness.

The long version:

During Shipton's pregnancy was the first time we had felt peace about the possibility of our family being complete.  Shortly after he was born we made it a matter of prayer.  Our answer was "you have had all the babies you promised to have.  If you want to be done, I get it.  That's fine.  HOWEVER, if you are willing, I would gladly send more."  We have spent the past year trying to get up our willingness to become willing to be pregnant again.  The other 8 times we were given the willingness and did it gladly.  We are thrilled that there may be more little ones to come to our home, but struggled to take the step forward in welcoming a pregnancy so that could make it happen.

When we saw the church's announcement a month ago about, we knew right away that there is a baby for us based upon our willingness.  He said He would send more, but He didn't say how they would come.  The willingness to allow a baby to come to our home was there, but there were some obstacles with logistics.  As the provider, Mark was hesitant to step forward, but was comfortable with me gathering information and getting a ball-park idea what we would need to do and expect.  We continued to pray for the way to be prepared and ways around or through obstacles.

Two weeks ago the CEO called him and offered him a promotion as the office manager of the newly acquired sister company, FreeUs.  We were then met with the choice of pushing through to get everything done for adoption quickly in Idaho then updating once we get to Utah or being delayed about 4 months.  We are full speed ahead!  Now I am the one wanting to slow down and Mark is taking care of everything on the adoption checklist! :)

We have a homestudy next week and we are finishing up the paper work.  Our homestudy should be approved before we moved in May.  It will be an exciting surprise that a baby may be ready for us withing days or years or somewhere in between.  WE ARE THRILLED!

If you feel inspired to do so and have it in your heart to help us with bringing our baby in our arms or finding a buyer for our home, we would appreciate it!  I will have a listing for our home in Rexburg, Idaho up early next week.  We are working as quickly as possible to get our profile up on as well.  We feel baby will be a black girl, but we are open to any babies.

We recognize there will be wonderful adventures ahead for our family as we are propelled full-speed ahead into the next season of our lives.  We are, however, confident that just like in the past, we already have everything we need to weather the challenges and we are in His care.  He will continue to guide our footsteps as we allow Him to.  We look forward with excitement to see the continued miracles of bringing our baby into our arms.  We know great friends and experiences await us as we fall in love with a new home.

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