The Miracle...

I am delighted to be able to finally share this with you!  I heard this song and instantly loved it.  I hope you will have a similar experience.  It explains my testimony of the Savior perfectly.  I have learned that "Jesus IS a God of miracles."  Sometimes the miracle is that He blasts through and makes a way when currently there is none.  He can change any circumstance and make anything possible ("nothing is at all impossible to Him").  I am a living witness to this type of miracle. Sometimes, however, that isn't the miracle He offers.  Sometimes the miracle comes through His grace and we are granted the strength and courage to persist---regardless of our unchanging circumstances.  Sometimes He changes US to be able to bear up our burdens with ease.  I know this miracle well, too.

Why is there so often a disconnect for us?  Jesus performed miracles as part of His mortal ministry.  Why is it possible for Him to calm a stormy sea, but not a tumultuous heart?  He healed the blind and the deaf, but why not a mind of disbelief?  Jesus's power to heal did not cease with His death.  It wasn't something that only happened within a narrow window of His ministry years.  We just have to know how to allow the miracle in.

My experience with this song was sweetened as I taught it to my primary kids.  Earlier in 2017, I taught the children ages 3-11 year-old music for my church.  They sang this song with their whole hearts and with power!  I hope it is one that always stays with them.  I didn't know that "I can be forgiven every time that I repent" when I was their age.  They know it though because we have talked about what that means and they have had the Spirit witness that truth to their hearts.

The gentleman running the recording studio was a little rough around the edges and had tattoos up and down his arms.  After I finished singing this song, he was sobbing.  He left the room and cried.  When he finally returned, he placed something in my hands.  Through his tears, he explained that this song had touched him.  He had been raised religious, but no longer believed.  Him and his wife had recently lost a son---a still born.  With his wife's permission, he gave me a token they had been given by someone at the hospital.  I was deeply touched! It had the words "With God, all things are possible," Mark 10:27.  I keep it in my purse and it is a tender reminder whenever I see it.

I know I am still young and hope there are many years, even decades, of life experience yet before me.  Although I am young, I have tasted bitterness.  I have experienced life events that have stretched me beyond what I believed was capable.  I have passed through fiery trials of my faith.  As we allow our hope in Christ to grow into a fire of faith, we can trust God and Jesus Christ more.  Then as they ask us to do the things that are necessary for our growth, to turn our hearts more fully to Them, and to deepen our understanding of reality---not merely our perception of it----we can step into the darkness and follow Them in faith.  Truly, the most difficult, uncomfortable, and painful experiences have been "the miracles that rescue[d] me."  Again, sometimes those miracles have been opportunities for my faith to be exercised unto miracles where He has changed the impossible, but sometimes those miracles have worked in ME instead.

May you turn to the Prince of Peace and allow for the miracles to happen in your life.  He is there and wants to "always be with [us]."  Allow Him to be.  Let the miracles in.  Take Him with you into the details of your circumstances.