Local to Northern Utah:

Group Counseling Programs:
*Addo (in Logan)
Address: 40 West Cache Valley Blvd, Suite 3C Logan, UT 84341
Phone: (855) 229-2336

*Lifestar (Brigham City, Ogden)
Address: 120 N Main St, Brigham City, UT 84302
Phone: (801) 814-6561

CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapists):

HERE is a great list of questions from the S.A. Lifeline website to help you decide if the therapist you may be considering is qualified to help you.

12-step Groups:

*LDS supporting an addict: 1. current schedule (there are phone-in options!) 2. manual
*LDS addiction: 1. current schedule (there are phone-in options!) 2. manual
*Healing Through Christ: 1. Thursday nights, 8 pm, North Ogden (contact me for an address) 2. manual ($3.99 digital copy; $15 printed)
*S.A. Lifeline: 1. current schedule (there are online options; FYI: I have been told the women's Bountiful group is more pro-divorce/divorced supportive) 2. Manual

Body Work: (trauma can be stored in the body)

*Corey Sondrup:
Chiropractor/energy healer.  He is trained and certified in an entire slew of healing techniques, such as EMDR, a technique proven to help with PTSD.  Since he is a chiropractor, these visits can be run through insurance!
Address: 1117 Country Hills Dr, Ogden, UT 84403
Phone: (801) 476-1752

*Emily Christensen:
Massage Therapist/Energy Kinesiologist LMT
Address: 9 W Forest St Brigham City, Utah
Phone: (435) 279-6906

*Yoga classes:
These are taught by yours truly.  I am trained in Kundalini Yoga & currently training through Backpocket Yoga.  I will be listed through Yoga Alliance this fall.  I am currently scheduled to attend Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training plus training for Yoga Therapy for kids with special needs in 2018. Families need to heal from sex addiction and betrayal trauma. Kids can be affected too by these dynamics in their homes and yoga can be a powerful tool to counter that!  Check out The Peak for kids yoga classes or HERE for current and upcoming schedules to Christ-centered, trauma-informed adult classes.

Online Resources:

*Trauma Assessment:
You can take a free trauma assessment put together by Dr. Kevin Skinner (and others?) HERE.  This assessment will generate a result of low, low-moderate, moderate, moderate-high, elevated for each one of the 5 areas of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). About 70% of those who are sexually betrayed by a partner experience most of the symptoms of PTSD.  A moderate result simply reflects that a person is experiencing the common symptoms of trauma whereas lower or higher than moderate demonstrates experiencing fewer or more symptoms than the other participants.  Consider seeing a qualified therapist who understands trauma with scoring “moderate-high” in two or more areas. One area of “elevated” means a person should seek out qualified and specialized professional help (CSAT---Certified Sex Addiction Therapist).

Ashlyn and Colby (therapist, wife, and husband)
Jaylynn and Bryson (therapist, wife, and husband)
Betrayal Trauma Recovery (woman with personal experience and founder of the non-profit Betrayal Trauma Recovery)

*Betrayal Trauma Recovery (Pay with your HSA---Health Savings Account--- for these services!)
Interactive webinars, topic based groups, coach led Facebook groups, and individual sessions with trained and certified betrayal trauma coaches.

*Bloom For Women ($10/month)
Monthly subscription gives access to: educational videos; live classes; blog posts, articles, ebooks, videos, chat sessions, and podcasts designed by professionals and enhanced by community members. It also offers yoga and connection to other women within the Bloom community.

*Soul Hunger Course ($25 for this 8 week online course)
I cannot speak highly enough about this course!!!  If you want to understand how to make the Atonement personal, then this course will give you a huge step in that direction.  These are pre-recorded classes, so go at your own pace. 77% of those who have been through the sexual infidelity of a partner admit they turn to avoidance activities such as over-eating, over-sleeping, drinking, internet surfing, etc. at least half of the time in order to stop thinking about what the spouse did (Kevin Skinner, Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal, 31).  Jaci masterfully teaches how to abide in Christ instead of turning to those things that will only temporarily fill us.

*Mindweather 101 Course (free)
I just started this course, so I will come back and fill in more info/update once I have completed it.  This course was put together by 35 individuals, both professionals and those with personal experience.  It was created to educate individuals about the newest information available on mental health relating to the emerging research about the neuroplasticity (molding or changing) of the brain. It also about teaching mindfulness, or being more aware of self, others, and our surroundings in this moment.

*LDS Hope & Healing: (free)
Blog, forum, and other information for LDS women.

*Tell your bishop and/or stake president about Light Boxes.
This is a non-profit organization that can help you bring free care packages to women battling betrayal trauma (or facing other types of traumatic events) to your congregation or community.

My Top Reads for Wives of Sex Addicts:


Resources for bishops or clergy:

*Bishops' Resource This is what I put together for our stake. It has the best and most up-to-date information I am aware of from both leading professionals in harmony with the gospel and also what I have learned from my own personal experience in healing from betrayal trauma and working with other women in their healing processes. The original document was almost 50 pages of information and resources; some information has been removed from the original document in this copy (I had permission to use copyrighted info in our local copies, but haven't heard back about keeping the info in a viral copy).

*Be sure to check out THIS beautiful non-profit to bring Light Boxes (care packages) to your congregation and area. 

The following resources are not in the Bishops' Resource document:

*Read the First Presidency's letter and the policies on how to respond and prevent abuse HERE. 

*Do's and Dont's for Bishops counseling with a betrayed spouse from LDS Family Services HERE. 

*Dr. Kevin Skinner's TedeX talk; a basic overview in understanding betrayal trauma HERE. I believe it goes hand-in-hand with ministering efforts. We have to learn how to sit with others in their pain rather than reacting to what they share in ways that can create secondary trauma.

*And THIS Ensign article, "When Pornography Hits Home---Wives and Husbands Both Need to Heal."

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