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My Journey: Sharing My Oil...

There have been multiple experiences happening simultaneously in the past 5 years.  I need to go down one road a bit in this post, but will talk about other experiences that happened at the same time in later posts.

Because of open-mindedness (See link at the bottom of this post to previous post), my path changed and opened.

A few years ago we would budget $100/month for co-pays for Dr.'s visits and medication.  We would use it every month.  At least one or more member of our family was constantly sick.

When Leland was a baby, the kids and I all had a nasty sinus infections and sore throats.  I mentioned it to a friend who recommended essential oils.  In my old beliefs I had scoffed at the possibility of essential oils.  Just as with Hypnobabies, it sounded "too good to be true." 

Now with a new mind-set, I was willing to at least consider it.  I went to our local health store and purchased the essential oils to make my own batch of Thieves (other brands are X-Plague or On Guard).  I remember meticulously counting out hundreds of drops of lemon, rosemary, and the others in the "recipe."  A bit doubtful, yet excited, I applied the concoction to my little ones' feet and my own with olive oil.

Within about 15 min I could literally feel the congestion clearing out and my sore throat easing.  My little ones seemed to feel better and were up and playing and less grumpy and whiny than previously.  I called my husband at work and explained what had happened.  I was a bit "freaked out."  How was this working?  You have got to be kidding me?!  After a few hours the symptoms began to set back in, but eased away again with another application.  I was completely blown away!

I stuck to just Thieves for about 6 months.  It came in handy and cut down our co-pay budget just by itself.  I was able to take care of not only bacterial infections, but even viruses that even a Dr or antibiotic couldn't ease.  I didn't dare branch out to other oils yet.

Initially my husband was understandably skeptical.  I had experienced it for myself, so I knew it worked.  It wasn't until he was sick and used the oil that he was on-board with my re-allocating the budget from co-pays to oils.

He purchased me an essential oil book.  The first half explained the "why" of how essential oils work and the history.  Anyone who knows me well would understand how quickly I devoured it.  I am not the type of person to blindly follow.  I want to understand how and why and break it down before stepping forward.  (Mostly this is a strength, but at times it has hindered my faith to move forward.  God has been working with me on this one for the past several years and I'm learning to trust Him quicker even without knowing details.)

The other half of the book was a reference book and suggested oils for preventing/treating health concerns.  The biggest change for me with switching from meditation to essential oils is how open-ended it is.  I was used to reading the directions on the bottle: "take 1 pill 3 times a day," or "take 1 tsp every 4-6 hours."  Essential oils require patience and a bit of tweaking.  There was more than one oil suggested for a given ailment and usually more than one way to "administer" it.  Not everyone responds to the same oil or the same route of administration.  I had great fear that I was going to "mess things up."   It was a bit fearful at first to just try it out and see what happened.  For the mad scientists out there, it may be thrilling, but for me it was intimidating. 

Initially I would encounter a health need in my family, turn to the reference book and give it a try.  I had my medications ready to back it up if it didn't work...but with patience and experimenting...the oils worked!  It was a big relief over time to have things down more autopilot to know which oils to use on who for a stomach bug, fever, or congestion and coughing.  I already knew how and what to apply because I had already done the work to figure it out.  That left just the out of the normal health issues to experiment with as they were encountered. 

I am grateful to say that other than an ear infection for Sennika and tonsillitis for Leland (I was too physical/emotionally overwhelmed to play with it after immediately losing the twins) and a surgical procedure for Leland, my children have only been to the Dr. for well-checks in the past 3 years.  WOW!  That is a big change from where we were with our health care!

Essential oils have greatly blessed my family!  It has been empowering to be able to take care of things at home, especially those that otherwise would be "untreatable" with western medicine.

I have had countless opportunities since to share "my oil."  This has been a wonderful opportunity to bless others' lives and help their journey to be smoother. I had no idea the great blessings introducing essentials oils would yet prove to be spiritually for myself and my family or the parallelism that lie ahead to be able to share "my oil" in other ways.

My journey.  Read the previous post HERE.
My journey.  Read the next post HERE

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