Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Faith Unto Miracles: Closer to Bringing Baby into Our Arms…

It sounds like we are making it up, but we really aren't.  To catch up on the early miracles if you have missed them, rejoice with us HERE.  All we can say is none of it has been our doing.  Yes we have been the instruments…the body who cleaned under all the beds and in closets…the one who organized and cleaned our home to prepare for listing it for sale.  Yes I was the body that listed the home online, took pictures, printed flyers, created and sent off to the printer lawn signs, etc. ,etc….  Yes I have done a lot of things as an instrument; however, this is all to God’s credit. Neither Mark nor I can take any acknowledgement for the miracles nor the strength He has filled us with.  I’m not sure how to adequately describe what we have experienced the past few months.  We have almost been the shell that did it, but with His orchestrating the details perfectly and carrying us the entire way.  He has wonderful blessings to bestow and we simply got out of they way.  Even then, He has carried us to remove the blocks on our end that would have previously prevented such great blessings from actualizing.

For all the inquiring minds, here is a status update for our family:  

I felt frustrated that it was taking “so long” to list the our home for sale.  We had known for almost 3 weeks, although we hadn't publicly shared that early.  I felt like I was spinning my wheels and no matter how hard I pushed, I just couldn't get things together long enough to get our home organized, let alone pictures taken to create flyers and list it.  In a moment of clarity, the Spirit whispered that the timing was important.  Yes I needed to do all I could, but I would be able to list it on the perfect day, at the perfect time.  I felt like we would never make it, then BAM, one night Mark and I were able to finalize the organizing and cleaning, snapped pictures before the kids woke up to live in the house again J, and created the flyers and online listing.  I had picked up the lawn signs several days previously. 

WITHIN HOURS of placing the lawn signs in front of the house, our buyer found us as he "happened" to drive on our street.  I am not exaggerating!  Within 24 hours of touring it, he made us an offer for our full asking price in cash.  He is covering closing costs.  In exchange for us giving up the garage for his uhaul coming to town with his possessions, he is giving us free rent for May.  WHAT?!  The more I mulled this miracle over in my mind and began to comprehend it as reality, the more I couldn't help ask myself, why not?  Why not?  God is great!  Why not?

We officially closed today and no longer own a home in Rexburg.  Check.

As far as on the Utah side, we have begun the process of closing on our new home.  It is in Brigham City and is a beautiful home for us to grow into with a fabulous yard and garden.  We hear the neighborhood is amazing.  We are thrilled!  Finding our home stretched us uncomfortably mentally and emotionally at times in the past several weeks; however, so far things have gone quickly and smoothly in moving forward with this specific home.  We will let you know when we have more to share.  Check.

We have been blessed with a relocation package for this promotion.  We will use part of it to hire a moving company to pack us up and move us.  We have gotten over the belief that we aren't “To-Do enough” or our furniture isn't “nice enough” and will gladly accept the extra time it will mean to parent our little ones differently through this time of transition.  I will wait a few more weeks then deep clean one or two things a day until the move, then just go over walls, baseboards, and floors one last time as we scoot out the door, followed by touch-up paint while littles are unavailable to “re-kid” it.  Check.

AS FAR AS ADOPTION GOES, OUR PROFILE WENT LIVE LAST NIGHT!  We have completed all necessary steps to qualify to welcome our little one.  We will do a simple home-study update once we get to UT, but in the mean-time, we expect baby any time from now on.  This is it!  Our profile is HERE (updated) or our adoption movie clip HERE (updated)  Please share as you feel inspired!!!  Check out this post about adoption too (updated).  We look forward to watching the continued miracles unfold in our baby’s arrival to our family.

I read this yesterday and shared it with Mark.  We both agree that on a smaller scale, yet still very important and real to us, it is exactly what we have experienced.  As we felt the willingness to invite another baby into our home burn within us, we didn't know HOW it would happen.  Our prayers of faith granted a miracle and as we then accepted the promotion that would fund our new addition, we couldn't see how we would get it all done and make it from Idaho to Utah.  The path has become clear as we have stepped forward in faith.  God is so good!

“It takes faith--unseeing faith--for young people to proceed immediately with their family responsibilities in the face of financial uncertainties. It takes faith for the young woman to bear her family instead of accepting employment, especially when schooling for the young husband is to be finished. It takes faith to observe the Sabbath when ‘time and a half’ can be had working, when sales can be made, when merchandise can be sold. It takes a great faith to pay tithes when funds are scarce and demands are great. It takes faith to fast and have family prayers and to observe the Word of Wisdom. It takes faith to do ward teaching, stake missionary work, and other service, when sacrifice is required. It takes faith to fill foreign missions. But know this--that all these are of the planting, while faithful devout families, spiritual security, peace, and eternal life are the harvests.

Remember that Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and others could not see clearly the end from the beginning. They also walked by faith and without sight. Remember again that no gates were open; Laban was not drunk; and no earthly hope was justified at the moment Nephi exercised his faith and set out finally to get the plates. No asbestos clothes or other ordinary protective devices were in the fiery furnace to protect the three Hebrews from death; there were no leather nor metal muzzles for the mouths of the lions when Daniel was locked in the den.

Remember that there were no clouds in the sky nor any hydrometer in his hand when Elijah promised an immediate break in the long extended drouth; though Joshua may have witnessed the miracle of the Red Sea, yet how could he by mortal means perceive that the flooding Jordan would back up for the exact time needed for the crossing, and then flow on its way to the Dead Sea.

Remember that there were no clouds in the sky, no evidence of rain, and no precedent for the deluge when Noah builded the ark according to commandment. There was no ram in the thicket when Isaac and his father left for Moriah for the sacrifice. Remember there were no towns and cities, no farms and gardens, no homes and storehouses, no blossoming desert in Utah when the persecuted pioneers crossed the plains. And remember that there were no heavenly beings in Palmyra, on the Susquehanna or on Cumorah when the soul-hungry Joseph slipped quietly into the Grove, knelt in prayer on the river bank, and climbed the slopes of the sacred hill.

But know this: that undaunted faith can stop the mouths of lions, make ineffective the fiery flames, make dry corridors through beds of rivers and seas. Unwavering faith can protect against deluge, terminate drouths, heal the sick, and bring heavenly manifestations. Indomitable faith can help us live the commandments and thereby bring blessings unnumbered with peace, perfection, and exaltation in the kingdom of God” (Spencer W. Kimball, in Conference Report, Oct. 1952, 50–51).

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  1. That quote is one of my absolute favorites. Thank you for sharing. God bless you in your continuing adventures!


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